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Sutton Bay - The New Golf Course

Agar, South Dakota, USA

18 holes   Private
Graham Marsh Course Golf Design 7240 m   Under Construction
Private Golf, Fishing & Hunting Lodge Par 72   www.suttonbay.com

The new Sutton Bay Golf Course has opened for play and is already standing tall with many of the greatest Golf Courses throughout the World. The course is positioned high on the prairie hills just out of Pierre in South Dakota, and offers dramatic vistas overlooking Lake Ohae and the distant Prairie Breaks. Each Hole has a different feel and aspect and offers players the ability to play every shot available in golf regardless of the conditions. The new Sutton Bay Golf Course was voted the No.3 Golf Course in the Development of the Year Competition in 2012, worldwide. The surprising significance is that the Golf Course cost less than $4 million dollars to complete. As it continues to mature, the Course will surely take its place as one of the worlds greatest Golf experiences. Sutton Bay is already home to one of the most breathtaking environments in the world. The new course is set high on top of the Missouri Breaks overlooking Lake Ohae to the west, and the pristine prairies to the east. The Golf Course measures over 7200 yards and offers every golfer one of the most spectacular and memorable golf experience available around the world today.


  • Accommodation
  • Hunting
  • Fishing
  • Par 3 Course
  • Driving Range

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